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We stay within a ‘miniature’ scale to focus on the beauty of design, detail, and texture, to provide quality fashion products, created in small quantities.

We are a dynamic family Unit, whose production is located in Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India: an experimental cultural township, laboratory of innovation, creativity, and human unity. We operate as an official Unit under the Auroville Foundation and we work almost exclusively with Indian textiles and craftspeople. Our Unit achieves the uniqueness of its products by mixing the European and Mediterranean styles with the precious wisdom of Indian and Oriental traditional craftsmanship. Our work is focused on the peculiarity of our products, the particularity of the design, the care in the selection of the textiles, and the social fairness involved in the production process.

Deep-seated familiarity, Liliana’s father was a textile importer, so she grew up with the sense of fabrics from all over the world. Quite young, and still in Italy, Liliana opened her first studio; she designed not only garments but also shoes, accessories, and jewelry. In the 80s she began specializing in textiles and materials from India, Indonesia, and Pakistan, selling the products in Italy and throughout Europe. Since the mid-’90s, having moved to Auroville and registering Miniature as an official unit under the Auroville Foundation, she has been working almost exclusively with Indian textiles and craftspeople.

After Marco finished Art School in Italy, he started traveling in Asia, and he never stopped being a multidisciplinary artist. He expresses his genuine interest and taste for aesthetics in diverse fields but above all in painting, his passion for cinema, and antique jewels. Marco's research in the jewelry field in India has been going on for more than fifty years and today finds expression in the Miniature's jewelry collection conceived by him. The contemporary design of this collection takes inspiration from traditional patterns. As always, Miniature focuses on quality and loves to support the artisanal heritage; each
jewel is, therefore, handmade by skilled gold and silversmiths, thus promoting a craftsmanship tradition that has not been completely lost but risks disappearing.


Trained in the education field, Ambra follows one of her passion by working, as a hobby, in the fashion industry in Milan. Then Attracted by Auroville's international experiment, she began her adventure and joined Miniature in 2012. After 2 years she became one of its executives with the active role of co-designer and production organizer. Ambra is also the creator and manager of a new online shop and one of the executives of the concept store Taboo, which promotes Auroville's young creators, artists, and stylists.

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